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Ilmainen toimitus alkaen €25

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Dear customer,

Now it's time for us at SkalHuset to enter our holiday period, so below is some important and useful information for you as a customer that applies during weeks 27 - 32!

Under vecka 31 samt 32 kommer chatten och telefonen att vara stängd. Du hittar all information nedanför samt på https://help.skalhuset.se


Always double check that your address and products are correct. After placing an order, we can NOT change address or products. So it is extremely important that it is correct when you place your order. If you choose, for example, Instabox or MyPack, be very careful that you choose the right package box or service point.

Customer service:

Answers to the most common questions, such as the right of withdrawal, return, how to make a complaint and more can be found at help.skalhuset.fi

We answer all emails in the order they come in, and we will respond to your email as quickly as possible. Our goal is for you as a customer to receive an answer within 48 hours, but during the summer it can be somewhat delayed. If you are in a hurry, you can always call us, but certain matters such as complaints should always be emailed to support@skalhuset.fi

WhatsApp and SMS are answered as soon as we have the opportunity.

All returns are processed within 10 working days of us receiving your return. During the summer, however, it may take us a few extra days to process your return. It will not be faster for us to process a return by contacting us. As soon as your return is processed, you will receive an email from us. If you have chosen an invoice, you can choose to postpone your invoice at Walley. Here are instructions on how to do it:


Delivery times:

The delivery times at the checkout of each carrier are estimated delivery times and no guaranteed delivery times. All carriers work hard to ensure that this is met, but during the summer period this can be affected. If you have not received your order, wait a few extra days before contacting us.




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